Elegant clothing for stress - free living, be it coke or wine never worry about spoiling your shirt, As our shirts efficiently wicks moisture, does not stink or stain easily.

A modern, wiser, and user friendly approach to sustainable trend & fashion.

How to look after your shirts

when we make a shirt it's made to last and there is a way you can help to make your shirts last longer. Caring until purchase is not enough, it is important to make sure you follow the instructions carefully 

  1. Do not soak in water or detergent for more than half an hour
  2. Use mild detergent
  3. Do not use chlorine, bleach or fabric softeners
  4. Do not dry clean
  5. Steam iron only after a day
  6. Always wash inside out
  7. Do not scrub or wrong


                       LET THE HONOUR BE WITHOUT STAIN!!!